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Welcome to join our distributor network. We also provide development and application of reagent testing.

The integrated development platform of bio-information and the diversified detection technology applications developed by Gene On Link, have now already been applied to cancer genetic testing and Covid-19 testing. We believe that our company can fully meet your requirements in the development and application of reagent testing. Besides the in vitro diagnostic (IVD) reagent of Gene On Link’s own brand, we also provide help to assist companies in serving their customers better.

Feel free to contact us. We welcome all your requests and will bring forward the solutions as soon as possible.

01. The Test of Laboratory Independent Inspection

If you are local inspection agency, having need to complete the test of laboratory independent Inspection, we can help providing related document. Kimforest has professional medical consultant team to consult with you for the acceleration of application process and the completion of laboratory inspection.

If your laboratory has never taken this kind of test, Kimforest can meet your needs with our diversified technical services. From the planning of space to the configuration of equipment and personnel, Kimforest has years of clinical experience to fully plan the required equipment for you.

02. Detection Reagent OEM、ODM

If you have other requirements and ideas about the related products of diagnostic detection reagents but are limited by technology, R&D, time and quality, we can provide you with the most wholesome solution. Kimforest has many years of molecular testing experience to satisfy customers’ needs and expectation for products, from detailed designs to the detection efficiency.

03. Research and Development

If you are research center, having needs in reagent and equipment related to virus screening for research purpose, you can use the RUO method or ask for the assist from the professional team of Kimforest. Kimforest will help you with the further application on screening technologies and the development on vaccines and drugs.

04. Reagent Distributers

You are welcome to contact us and become our partner! Join Kimforest’s network of distributors and contribute to the whole society!